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Make the best of your family holiday

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Make the best of your family holiday

The idea of going on a family holiday likely stirs up images of you and yours out on an epic adventure. While it’s a wonderful idea to try and make family holidays magical, you need to ensure that you’re prepared or the magic will disappear in seconds. Also, in today’s economy, not everyone can head off to luxurious resorts or game farms. Many families simply plan a road trip to explore new towns and cities. And while this isn’t the same as a resort in the Seychelles, a road trip or local holiday can be extremely fun.

If you have kids, you’ll know that they appreciate family holidays that keep them thoroughly entertained and require no work of them. But trying to create a holiday plan that’s filled with non-stop entertainment is going to be no fun for any of you. You have to balance your holiday time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your family. Many people venture off on their holiday having great expectations of how much fun they’ll have. Or they focus on filling up their itinerary with so many different things to do that they return home needing a holiday from their holiday. Ultimately, your family holiday should provide everyone involved with a break. Some downtime is needed by all your family members and reconnecting with your loved ones is far easier to do when the space you create together is a happy and relaxed one.


Consider the exact reasons you’re taking this holiday

Your reasons behind having a holiday shouldn’t be because you’re seeking out non-stop entertainment and adventures. You shouldn’t try to force the issue of making forever memories and trying to see every single extended family member you can. Similarly, don’t force yourselves to see every single tourist attraction and site. Don’t fill your days up because you’re worried that you won’t do all the things that you think you need to do. Rather focus on taking a real break that is filled with relaxation and bonding time. You want your holiday to be a wonderful experience, not a stressful one. Sometimes the best memories are made up of eating waffles for breakfast and building blanket forts, rather than catching busses to spectacular sites.


Life is busy as is, your holiday should be at a slower pace

When you come home after a holiday, you should feel refreshed with a clear head and lots of energy. So allow yourself and your kids a break. Nowadays their school work is almost as stressful as your full time job. So allow them as much of a break as you want to allow yourself. Listen to them and what they really want from their holiday and create an itinerary that’ll allow for ample exploration and relaxation.


Game playing can be as fun as any adventure

Even the most surly teenager could find themselves thoroughly enthralled by silly family games. Board games, card games or even old favourites, such as charades or even monopoly, will be a real win. Sometimes playing doesn’t even have to be a game specifically but rather just going outside and running around, grabbing a ball or baking.


Start the holiday as you plan to end it

Your holiday should begin the minute you leave the house. Whether you’re road tripping or flying to your destination, you should make it fun from the minute you leave. Road tripping is really the most fun option if you kit out your car with some exciting gadgets and gizmos. Consider investing in audiobooks or a car DVD player and don’t forget the snacks. If you’re flying to your destination, take along some earphones, a tablet and your kid's favourite movies to keep them entertained.

Ultimately, your family holiday needs to be a treat and not filled with crazy effort. Do all of you preparation beforehand and look out for specials in your favourite destination. For instance hotel specials in Cape Town come about just before the winter season starts, which means you could plan an incredible trip to the coast over the June-July holidays. Start your planning early so that when the time comes you can kick back and truly relax with those you love the most.

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