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How to bring the feel of a luxury hotel into your home

luxury hotelluxury hotel
luxury hotelluxury hotel


How to bring the feel of a luxury hotel into your home

Hotels have just got it right. You walk into the room and immediately feel relaxed. And what’s the first thing you do? Flop down on the neatly and extravagantly made bed and give out a great sigh.

So why is it that when you get home, all you tend to do is just sit on your bed and have a little pity party? It doesn’t have to be that way, there are little things you can do to transform your home in a way that will make you feel as happy and relaxed as if you were walking into a hotel room.


Starting with the bedroom

Because this is the best room in the hotel, we’ll start with ways to make your bedroom give you that same luxury feel. A new bedding set, freshly pressed and carefully applied so that there’s no extra material or clumps in the duvet, will make you want to lie down and happy-sigh.

Enjoy your mornings a little more with a sheer and blockout curtain combination. Early morning light never bothered you in the hotel, so why should it at home? Soften the sun’s glow and wake up relaxed in the mornings amongst your new sheets, pillows and duvet covers.

But there’s even more you can do, spoil yourself with some bedside candles, magazines and a detailed water jug. These simple luxuries will take you out of the ordinary and into the lavish life. What about a fluffy rug under the bed to welcome your bare feet in the morning? There’s so much you can do.


Moving to the bathroom

Glass shower door, tiles, marble tops, white finishes, bathroom sets, a grand bath, and a strong shower head are probably just as much your favourite part of hotel bathrooms as it is everyone else's. Now, your bathroom at home may not be as spacious as a hotel’s, but you can still make the most of the space you have.

Keep everything out of sight. No brushes, creams or perfumes by the bathroom sink, keep the towels hanging on the racks and keep the interiors clean. That’s step one. Steps two and beyond require minor upgrades like the shower head, installing a larger mirror and finding space for a freestanding bath if possible – just to look beautiful (because water restrictions won’t allow it to be used in any other way).


Finding a colour palette

One colour scheme is generally the rule of thumb that luxury hotels stick to, boutique hotels, on the other hand, tend to shake things up with differently themed rooms.

So the trick is to find a colour palette that you are happy to look at throughout the house and that can be easily complemented by a few (only a few) accent colours. Neutral tones are, for that reason, your best bet and also the most common colours you’d find in a luxury hotel anyway.


Some art and flowers

Now, don’t go overboard because there is style in simplicity and that’s a concept most hotels know all about. But adding some art around the house from local artists will change the atmosphere of your home to something slightly more luxurious. Be it sculptures or paintings, feature pieces can really tie a room together and bring that little piece of luxury.

And don’t underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Simple, beautiful without trying and, unless you’re allergic, everyone loves having flowers around them.


Shine a little light

And we say a little light because the point isn’t to really bring light into the room (your ceiling LEDs and windows do a good enough job of that), the point is, simply, aesthetic.

Filament light with the wire shapes in the globes are beautiful and dull enough to leave on all day on a geometric light holder. Or, buy some rope lights with filament bulbs on the end and group them together in different lengthed bundles above the dining table.

Small accents of light in interesting ways will do a lot more for a room than cluttering it with décor or various colours schemes.


Make it smell amazing

And finally, make your house smell amazing. Whether it’s the seaside hotels you enjoy the most or the ones found in the middle of nature, pick a scent you like and spread the love.

Each room can be scented in a different way, depending on the mood of the room. Get an automatic air-freshener for the kitchen, some scented candles for the bedrooms and bathrooms and incense-sticks for the lounge and dining room. Try to keep the smells similar so that there’s consistency throughout the house.

It’s all about turning your home into a space you can be comfortable and relax in without being directly faced with the fact that you’re in charge of keeping it clean and making it look as good as it does.


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