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What equipment will you need to farm livestock?

equipment arm livestockequipment arm livestock
equipment arm livestockequipment arm livestock

What equipment will you need to farm livestock?

Becoming a cattle, sheep or pig farmer is a viable option for those who want to make a living out of their love for working on the land and providing goods from nature’s bounty. You will need to have a good business head on your shoulders, as well as knowledge of how to care for livestock. You will also need to know which equipment to purchase for your farm, a list of which is outlined below.


Feeding equipment

Finding a feed mixer for sale should be at the top of your to-do list. A feed mixer will shred and mix all kinds of products to get a soft and unified ration for your livestock to easily consume. Feeding equipment also makes the distribution of feed easier and more efficient.

You are able to load whole round and square bales into these machines without the need for pre-cutting. This will save you on time and allow you to feed your livestock with ease. A feed cutter is essential if you have livestock that eats a mixture of hay and other materials, but if you have pigs, you should feed them other organic materials that may not require a feed mixer.


Livestock trailer

If you intend on keeping large livestock, such as cows, horses or sheep then having a trailer to transport them with is vital. Buying your own trailer will save you from having to hire one each time you need to haul your animals.

In between the times you need to haul animals, your trailer can be used to move other items on your farm, such as firewood, feed, hay and lumber.  It is a diverse piece of equipment that will make moving your animals easier. It is important to have such a trailer in an emergency, in order to move an animal to a safe space to wait for the vet.


A corral system

In order to keep your cattle or sheep from moving around at inappropriate times, you will need a corral system. This is a small enclosure which you can put up in the middle of a field, at the top of a grazing patch or under a section of trees for shade from hot weather.

Some corral systems are made especially for cattle and are equipped with adjustable alley sections, arena panels, a smaller holding pen, adjustable alley gates and alley frames. These feed directly into a squeeze chute, making it easy to move the animals in and out of the corral. Be sure to look for a corral that is big enough for your needs so your animals are not too tightly fitted inside.


Waterers and water tanks

Large livestock need large amounts of water, so a waterer and water tanks are absolutely vital pieces of equipment for your farm. Cows and horses are very large animals, so you will need to have enough water tanks to manage their needs.

Waterers are cattle equipment with trough bowls and can be made from materials such as galvanised iron or rubber. It is important to keep the troughs full, and always remember to keep them clean in order to maintain the health and hygiene of the animals. It is advisable to ensure that the water is safe to drink, so avoid using borehole water or stagnant water.


A manure spreader

Keeping livestock means that, sooner or later, you will need to use a manure spreader. This is a handy piece of equipment to have as whether or not your animals spend most of their time out in pasture, manure piles up quickly.

When spread thinly over the ground, manure can help to improve soil fertility, reduce contaminated runoff, and help keep fly numbers down. The tractor-driven units are able to carry more manure in one trip and are arguably the best option if you have large amounts of livestock and manure. The ATV units are ideal for those with only a few regularly stabled animals or a herd that is out to pasture most of the time.


A headgate

If you are going to be farming cattle, a headgate is one of the most vital pieces of equipment you will need. It should be sturdy, safe, easy to operate and quiet while in operation. A headgate is used to hold cattle in place while they are branded or if a vet needs to examine them.

Headgates come in four basic types: self catching, scissors-stanchion, positive-control and fully opening stanchion. The self-catching headgate closes automatically upon the movement of the animal. The scissors-stanchion has bi-parting halves, like a pair of scissors, which pivot at the bottom. The positive-control stanchion locks firmly but not painfully around the animal’s neck and the fully-opening stanchion consists of two biparting halves that work like a pair of sliding doors.



Farming livestock can be highly profitable if you have the correct know-how and equipment. The most important pieces you will need for a successful farm are a feed mixer, water tanks and waterers and a headgate. Having a manure spreader will allow you to use the copious amounts of manure for a worthwhile purpose, while a corral system will help with managing your livestock. It is important to research every piece of equipment before you purchase it so you know exactly how it works.

equipment arm livestock