Smart travel tips for a stress-free getaway

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Smart travel tips for a stress-free getaway

Planning a holiday is either a fun or dreaded experience. Whether it’s booking flights, renting a vehicle, securing your accommodation or making sure you’ve packed accordingly for the weather, pre-travel planning can be exhausting. However, planning is the keyword. You need to organise and plan long in advance to ensure that your getaway is as smooth, stress-free and relaxing as possible.


Here are a few tips you need to consider before setting foot on your holiday:


Keep your options open: When you think about the ultimate getaway, it’s always abroad. While travelling to a foreign country is an incredible opportunity if you can afford it, spreading your wings in your own country is a good place to start. Many locals haven’t had the chance to explore their own country, so when you think about going away on holiday don’t always think about going overseas. Another tip to remember when keeping your options open is the travel agent you book with. Some places offer killer deals with free cancellation options, so instead of sticking to the agents and companies you know, keep your eyes open for something that suits your requirements and also offers you flexible payment methods.


Research ahead of time: Holiday getaways are supposed to be relaxing, but they’re also supposed to be filled with sightseeing. Don’t make the mistake of travelling to your destination with little research about the area’s local gems, eating destinations and more. For example, your accommodation in Kathu will be able to give you more information about the Boesmansgat Sinkhole. However, the rest of your trip should be researched in advance so that you have a clear understanding of the different tourist trips and attractions your holiday destination offers. It will also help you find cheaper deals than on the spot.


Tick off your pre-departure to-dos: Put together a to-do list of all the things you still need to do before your holiday arrives. For example, organise plane tickets, car rental information, emergency documentation and more. Make sure you’re up to date with your work and that everyone at the office is aware of your leave. These small tasks might seem insignificant in the moment, but once you’ve ticked them off your list, you will have more time to clear your head and get ready for the holiday.


Create an itinerary with details: If you’re travelling by yourself, very well then, but if you’re travelling with your family, try to avoid the ‘wing it’ mentality. It’s not every day that you get the chance to explore your own country, so make the most of your trip by planning ahead and going according to your activity list. If you’re going to be using public transport systems to get you from A to B, then make sure you have the details of that particular system you. These small tips will ensure your trip runs smoothly.


Organise your finances: Depending on whether you prefer using a card or cash, make sure that you’ve organised your finances for the trip. In a smaller, unfamiliar town, stalls and restaurants might prefer cash over a card, so it would be beneficial to research the town’s preferences. Budget more than your usual weekly amount due to sightseeing, shopping, eating out and more. You might as well make the most of it.


Pack for the expected and unexpected: Packing is a whole other ballgame. While you might have packed the right clothing to suit the weather forecast, you never know what could happen during your stay.Pack enough extra clothing for the unknown, as well as gadgets and toiletries. You never know how far away you could be from shops, so always pack any emergency items.


Prepare for your arrival: Going away on a holiday is all good and lovely when you’re hyped up, but going home is a different story. The chances are that you are going to come home and go straight back to work, so if that’s the case, make sure you plan ahead and clean your home the day before you leave. There is no much more stressful than coming home from a relaxing break to a messy home that needs urgent cleaning. And, if you have children, that could be even more taxing when you’ve just unwinded.


Final words

As you can see, going away on a holiday doesn’t need to be stressful. Pre-booking and planning ahead is the key to saving money and time while you’re on your holiday. If you plan ahead and make use of the above-mentioned tips to help the process, your departure and arrival will be stress-free.

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