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Health benefits of filtered water for your employees

filtered waterfiltered water
filtered waterfiltered water


Health benefits of filtered water for your employees

In a working environment, it’s important to offer employees the best possible water. The easy way to do this is to purchase a water cooler or supply bottled water for your employees, but financially, it’s not always a feasible option. It’s also not contributing to water conservation as you are simply using another access point to stock your business with water for your employees to consume.

Investing in a filtration system might feel like a hefty expense, but good quality water can significantly improve the difference in your employees’ health.

Water saving is a necessity in South Africa. Even the water we do have access to is not the healthiest option due to drought and climate conditions that may affect the quality of our water. This is why many companies resort to bottled water as their water option for their employees and customers. But this can be extremely expensive if carried out over a long period of time. Now, with a water filter, depending on the size of your company, you can benefit from only having one filtering system to maintain. And with so many water treatment options to choose from, you can make an effort to filter out contaminated water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a popular purification system for companies. While it can be pricey at first, these systems are worth your while in the long run. These systems are able to remove any toxic, unhealthy minerals such as fluoride, arsenic, lead, chlorine and any other mineral that can be found in municipal water. Due to the environmental impact on our existing water system, you cannot ensure that the tap water we are receiving out of our taps is not contaminated. This type of water can be used for bathroom flushing and other uses, but not for consumption purposes. If your business would rather support an existing conservation project such as the Monwabisi desalination plant, you can purchase desalinated water for your employees. The desalination process removes any toxic minerals from saline water and filters it into fresh, drinkable water which can be consumed by humans.


Here are the health benefits of filtered water:


Filtered out chlorine and lead for healthier water

Chlorine is ideal for swimming pool water as it treats it and preserves it for a longer period of time, however, this is not an option for drinking water. Chlorine can make you extremely ill if consumed over a long period of time. Much the same with lead in water. It’s important to filter out these minerals to avoid giving your employees water that is toxic.


Save on unnecessary water expenses

While the initial expense of a water filtration system is steep, you will be able to save plenty of money in the long-term as you will no longer be buying bottled water for your employees. Water is a costly expense, and installing a water filtration system can save your business a lot of Rands while looking after the environment and taking initiative.


Reduce your company’s impact on the environment

While you might say that bottled water is a healthier option as opposed to drinking municipal water, you are not protecting the environment because these bottles are plastic. They need to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner otherwise they are still putting a strain on the environment. If you have your own filtration system available to your employees, you will be able to avoid facing a rubbish bin full of plastic bottles, as well as reduce the transport and fees involved in the bottled water option.


Preserve your company’s water quality for a longer period of time

When you filter your water, you are getting rid of any negative contaminants in the water. And because of this process, there is less left in the water to break down. This means that the water will be fresh for a longer period of time.


Final thoughts

By installing a filtration system, your employees will spend less time off sick and visiting doctors. Water that is packed with contaminants and minerals can make your employees extremely ill, leading to stomach problems and more. It is also where employees can pick up viruses that are contagious, meaning that you will lose production time. It’s important to look after the health of your employees while going the extra mile to save water where you can. By filtering water and speaking to desalination companies in South Africa, you will be able to move towards an improved working environment for your employees and your business’ bottom line. 

filtered water