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Tips on how to make travelling with children a fun experience

travelling - childrentravelling - children
travelling - childrentravelling - children


Tips on how to make travelling with children a fun experience

You fantasise about going on holiday, either around South Africa or maybe overseas – sitting under the sun, sipping on some fruity cocktails and taking everything in. Yet, that fantasy is short lived as the thought of travelling with children comes to mind.

However, once in a while, everyone does deserve a good vacation where they can relax, let their hair down and just make memories. Every parent's dream is having fun memories with their children.

Yes, travelling with toddlers or a baby can become daunting as children become bored quite quickly and they hate being in one place for a long time. It then becomes a mission to keep them happy. But it doesn't have to be a nightmare, you can have fun while travelling with children.  

Here are a few ideas to help you out when planning a trip.


Involve your child in everything!

They might not understand everything when it comes to planning a trip, but get them involved. Don't just leave them out and expect them to enjoy it once they’re there. Even the smallest things count, like going to store and choosing travel luggage bags together. That way, you're actually getting your child excited about the trip.

If you see travel luggage for sale, try letting your child choose their own travel bag. Children like to feel in control and being a part of something. Also, tell them more about the place and show them pictures to get them excited before the actual trip. Seeing your child excited about a trip would also make you happy as a parent.


Be more understanding

Remember that travelling is still new to them. Either it's their first time travelling or they haven't done it in a while. A changed routine can sometimes be difficult for children to comprehend, so it would help you to be a little more understanding. Try fewer reprimands and more talking.

Explain everything to your child. When you're on the plane and have been told to buckle up, tell your child why you’re doing this now. It is also better to prepare them before everything happens so that they at least know what to expect. Children are always curious and eager to learn, so try and make it fun.


Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

Bring snacks, preferably healthy snacks which are packed with nutrients. These are essential for the road. Packing different sorts of snacks makes things a bit easier. Sometimes children are restless because they're hungry, thirsty or simply just bored. Snacks and juice boxes are the way to go.


Proper planning helps

If you’re planning on flying or driving to your destination, travelling in the evening with children would be more convenient. That way they can sleep throughout the boring part of travelling.

A good tip to take note of would be researching the place you're going. Find out about the weather and the type of climate in the specific area. This will make it easier for you to pack and deal with any issues which may arise.

Be wary of theft and always get combination locks for your suitcases when travelling.


Keep your child entertained

Children will get bored and start having meltdowns. It’s normal. The best way to decrease the chances of that happening is to make sure you keep them entertained. Play a few games with them on the way to the airport or while you're waiting. Games like “I spy with my little eye” are always fun.


Don't rush things

Always make sure everything is packed and sorted the night before. Make sure both you and your child have had enough sleep and are refreshed the next day. Try to leave your house an hour or two earlier, making sure that you have enough time should things start to hit the fan. It won't be fun rushing around with an unhappy child who is throwing tantrums.


Pack medicine

Always make sure you have your medicine stocked up, either when you're on the road or whenever you get to your destination. You never know when your child or you might fall sick and that could cause a little dent in your trip or ruin it completely. Sometimes it might not be anything serious and medicine could do the trick, so always be prepared.


Be prepared for a meltdown

Having all these tips doesn’t necessarily mean it will be smooth sailing throughout. No, from time to time your child will get irritated and annoyed by the different surroundings and chances are they will throw a tantrum. You need to be prepared for that.

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