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Events to look forward to in Clanwilliam

Events - ClanwilliamEvents - Clanwilliam
Events - ClanwilliamEvents - Clanwilliam


Events to look forward to in Clanwilliam

If you are planning a trip to the Northern Cape, then Clanwilliam is one of the places you need to visit. Here you will find the stunning Clanwilliam Dam, which is currently being upgraded and expanded.

There are other stunning natural attractions to see, such as the Cederberg mountains and the San rock art trail. The Clanwilliam accommodation is within driving distance to many game and nature reserves too.

You can book at one of the many places to stay in Clanwilliam to take part in the events that the town hosts. The Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show and the Freshpak Fitness Festival are wildly popular among those who enjoy the floral wonders in this area, being active, and the great outdoors.

The Clanwilliam Dam accommodation is the perfect place to stay for these events, as the Clanwilliam hotels are centrally located and allow easy access to the events. Below are just some of the events you can look forward to when exploring Clanwilliam.


The Clanwilliam Wild Flower Show

One of the biggest events in Clanwilliam is the Wild Flower Show. It takes place from the 24th of August and ends on the 24th of September, which is during the wildflower blooming period. The event takes place at the Ramskop Nature Reserve which has a charming tea room for guests to visit and eat at while taking in the gorgeous wildflowers.

The Wild Flower Show includes activities such as music performances, art competitions for kids, hiking trails, and guided tours of the area. You will find that it is a fun and exciting day out for all ages. Bring along plenty of bottled water and sunscreen as the South African sun can be intense during this time of the year, and don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of the region.


The Rooibos T Fest

Clanwilliam is considered to be the rooibos capital of the Northern Cape, and the Rooibos T Festival is the best way to enjoy this quintessential South African beverage. It takes place at the Rooibos Tea House on the 30th of March 2019, and is a celebration of all things Rooibos.

You will learn about the history of rooibos tea as well as how it is harvested and made. You will be able to taste a variety of different blends and flavours, as well as find unique gifts for souvenirs. There are artisanal food vendors too, so you can trawl the stalls and then head into the teahouse for a cup of tea and delicious slice of cake. Be sure to look online for updates about the festival.


The Clanwilliam Expo

If you are a fan of learning more about the town you are visiting, then the Clanwilliam Expo is the right choice for you. It takes place form the 10th to the 13th of April 2019 and promises something for everyone to enjoy.

You will find exciting equine events, such as racing a horse show, and the youth groups in the town will put on a show to remember for years to come. Foodies will enjoy the delicious potjiekos competition and the various stores and food vendors at the event. There are also various demonstrations taking place at the expo that people of all ages can enjoy, such as wool classes and horse care demos for those who want to learn more about the majestic animals.


The Kom Net Vlooimark

If you enjoy spending time browsing the stalls at flea markets and enjoying local food and culture, the Kom Net Vlooimark is the ideal event for you. Here you will find farm-fresh vegetables, fruit, cheeses, butter, as well as delicious homemade treats.

There are also vendors selling arts and crafts for the public to enjoy. You can sit at any one of the quirky coffee and tea shops dotted around the town and enjoy the scenery after shopping until you drop at the Vlooimark. Children can enjoy a wide variety of activities and there are plenty of vendors to choose from, each selling unique items. Remember most community markets don’t have card facilities, so be sure to bring along plenty of cash in case you see something you want.


The Freshpak Fitness Festival

If you are an adrenaline junkie and enjoy spending time outside, then the Freshpak Fitness Festival should be at the top of your list of events to attend. It is a marathon event with different categories for all types of sports for people to take part in.

You can choose from a variety of events such as swimming, cycling, running and even biathlon and triathlon tournaments. Children can also take part, making it the perfect event for families. You can take part as an individual, a family, or as part of a team. You can book tickets online or you can go to the gates and purchase them there. There are also plenty of vendors and activities to enjoy when you are not racing.

Events - Clanwilliam