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Unusual sight-seeing attractions in Clanwilliam

Clanwilliam - Western CapeClanwilliam - Western Cape
Clanwilliam - Western CapeClanwilliam - Western Cape

Unusual sight-seeing attractions in Clanwilliam

Traveling through the Cape will take you through some unique and diverse old towns. And one of the oldest of these towns is Clanwilliam, which was formed in 1814 and was formerly known as Jan Dissels River.

One of the most popular things to do in Clanwilliam is to experience a Rooibos tea tasting, as it is known as the tea capital of South Africa. You can also spend time enjoying the Cederberg mountains and wilderness area from the comfort of your hotel.

You can book a room at one of several Clanwilliam accommodation options which offer comfort and luxury. This town is full of charm and unique attractions, such as the Sevilla rock art trail and the exciting donkey rides through Pakhuis Pass. If you would like to explore this quaint town, keep reading for some of the more unique attractions in Clanwilliam.

Visit the Rooibos Ltd. factory

Clanwilliam is known as the rooibos capital of South Africa, and one of the first places you should stop off at includes the factory on Rooibos Avenue in the town. Here you can watch a presentation on how the tea is harvested and produced and you can even taste some of the wares that are produced in the factory.

This is the perfect stop off for those who enjoy tea of any sort, and will also enlighten you on the history of the town and how it came to be the largest rooibos tea producer in the country. You will also be able to purchase gifts and teas to take home to your friends and family, and a cuppa is always a welcome gift. Be sure to stop off at the local Rooibos Tea House for a delicious slice of cake and freshly brewed cup of tea.

See the sights at the Ramskop Wildflower Garden

Anyone who enjoys being at one with nature will enjoy a visit to the stunning Ramskop Wildflower Garden. Here you will find over 300 different species of wildflowers that bloom their brightest in the rainy months. But it is still worth a visit in other months as you can see gorgeous succulent displays and other stunning plants.

You will also be able to enjoy the sight of quiver trees against the cloudless African sky. It is also in close proximity to the Clanwilliam Dam, which is currently being upgraded. You can spend time sipping on rooibos tea in the tearoom that is situated in the garden. Be sure to bring along plenty of water and sunscreen as the temperatures can soar in some months, but there is ample shade to sit under and soak up the scenery of the area.

Stop for a cuppa at Berry Nice Tea Room

Due to the amount of rooibos that is produced in Clanwilliam, you will find numerous tea rooms dotted around the town. One of the more unique offerings is the Berry Nice Tea Room, which was created as an add-on to Oom Karel Se Winkel nearby. This tea room allows guests to serve themselves and works off of an honesty payment system.

They sell delicious homemade takeaway rolls, ideal for travellers who are looking for a quick and tasty snack on their way back to the Clanwilliam Hotel. It is decorated in quirky country-chic style, with knick-knacks adorning the walls as well as interesting signage. Stop off here for the perfect cup of tea (because you know exactly how you like it) and some delectable snacks, but be sure to leave the money on the till before you leave.

Explore nature at Bushman’s Cave Bergteater

For nature lovers who are heading to Clanwilliam, you can explore the gorgeous Bushman’s Cave Bergteater or Mountain Theatre. This is an open-air theatre that is set into the foot of the Cederberg mountains. Many renowned musicians have performed here and you are able to explore the nature in the area before and after a concert.

There are regular shows on at the Bergteater. You will need to ensure that you take all rubbish away with you when you leave, as it is a protected nature area. At night it is not advisable to explore the area as it can become very dark and the rocks might not be sturdy, but during the day there are nature walks in the area before shows begin. You can also camp here overnight, so be sure to  arrange this beforehand.

Try something new

Clanwilliam is the perfect town for trying something new and exciting. You could start by learning all about rooibos tea and how it is made and then stop off for a freshly-made cuppa of South Africa’s favourite brew. You can experience the stunning nature of the area in the Ramskop Wildflower Garden and Bushman’s Cave Bergteater. Spend some time exploring Clanwilliam and you will not want to return to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Clanwilliam - Western Cape