Everything you need to know before donating to charity

donating to charitydonating to charity
donating to charitydonating to charity


Everything you need to know before donating to charity

Giving back is a selfless act. Your kindness and giving nature can help build the lives of people who had given up. Many people in South Africa and around the world are struggling and are in need of assistance. There are only so many things a non-profit organisation can do, and with our help, they can transform lives for the better.

Are you thinking of donating to a charity? There are a few things you should know before you donate to a non-profit organisation. Read these top tips below about everything you have to know about donating to charity.


Donate to a nonprofit organisation that means something to you

When you plan on donating, make sure you donate to an organisation that shares your views or an organisation you feel strongly about. If you’re interested in organisations that offer support to people living with HIV infection then that's what you should look into donating to.

The rate of people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa is quite high. South Africa is one of the nine countries that are faced with a high HIV positive rate in Southern Africa. If you have experienced HIV or AIDS-related death in your family or loved one, then this would be a great organisation for you to support.


Go to a fundraiser event

Not only is it good to socialise but it helps to go to events of a cause you’re interested in. It could give you insight regarding the issue that's close to your heart. There are many South African fundraising events you might be interested in. You might also find worthy friendships at these events, it’s nice finding like-minded people.

Finding people who share the same views as you be educational, you might learn something or it can open you up to a whole different world view.


Verify that you’re donating to a non-profit

Make sure you verify the organisation you would like to donate to. Unfortunately, there are many people who scam others and play with their emotions. Always make sure you verified and do your research before filling out donation forms.

The key thing to keep in mind is if it seems to good to be true then it probably is. Look at the donation page, if it looks like they’re too eager then you should do your research to ensure that you’re donating to a legitimate charity organisation.


Non-profit organisations need monetary donations

Raising enough money to help those in need is never easy. Always keep in mind that as much as food and clean clothes are helpful, nonprofit organisations also need money. Nonprofit organisations use different fundraising strategies such as fees for goods or services, donations, and gifts etc.

However, that money can come in dribs and drabs so it’s important to remember that when you’re donating to a non-profit organisation, you should also try and make monetary donations.

Organisations can do a lot more with money, making it easier for them to assist others strategically. With the use of technology, organisations have made it easier for us to make online donations directly into the account of our charity of choice.

This is great for people who want to do good but only have time to click the donate button. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t donate money as food and clean clothes are welcome and helpful, but rather might not be as effective in serving the need at that moment.


How will you be paying your donations?

You need to think about how you will be donating to charity. Are you sending it via your credit card or would you prefer going directly to the charity? Paying with a credit card is much more convenient nowadays, especially if you’re quite busy, and they’re safe and convenient.

However, if you’re not busy you can always go directly to the charity and make donations. By doing that you can also get to know the people who are part of the organisation and learn more about what they do.

If you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, there is an alternative that could fit into your budget: reward cards.  Every time you swipe with your rewards card, a portion of your spend gets sent directly to charity, like the MySchool card accepted at Woolworths.


Final thoughts

Giving back to charity is a great thing to do. You are helping and giving hope to people who are in difficult situations and you should be proud of that. Remember to be aware and do your research before to ensure that you aren’t donating to a fake site or scammer..

If you can you should educate your close family and friends on charity’s you wish to support and maybe they will also be willing to help. There are not enough people who give back to charity so by educating others to give back is also some sort of donation as you are still helping those in need.

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