A quick guide to bicycle saddles

bicycle saddlesbicycle saddles
bicycle saddlesbicycle saddles


A quick guide to bicycle saddles

Bike saddles might seem like just another unimportant component on a bicycle. Unfortunately, this is not true. It is where your body finds balance and where you put most of your weight. They are designed to accommodate your most intimate parts and also help you control the bike.  

One of the most important things as a cyclist it to have a comfortable bicycle saddle. You might be asking yourself how professional cyclists spend hours on end on the bicycles. The answer is that they have comfortable saddles.

Maintaining and ensuring that your bike is performing well and is in optimal condition is key but so is choosing the perfect saddle. There is a range of different saddles that vary in texture, size, and materials used for both men and woman. Below is a guide on finding the perfect saddle for you.


Decide on the type of bicycle saddle you want

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the saddles that are available. Of course, the design will vary in terms of saddles for men and woman.

If you are a professional cyclist you will probably be more inclined to choose racing saddles and gender-specific paddles. And if you enjoy cycling as a hobby or as a form of exercise you will be interested in general saddles that provide comfort.


Racing bike saddles

Racing saddles offer support to your intimate region. It’s designed in a way that it tilts forward a bit to allow you to have most of your weight on your arms and handbrakes. This type of saddle allows you to have optimum movement and they prevent chafing.



This might seem a bit obvious and a bit self-explanatory but there are uniquely designed bicycle saddles for men and for women. They are respectively designed for different purposes, for example, woman tend to have wider hips and therefore the bikes are wider and provide more support for the pelvic or sit bones. Bike seats for men are a bit different and are often narrower and longer to support the most sensitive parts.



The prices of the different bike saddles vary and so does the quality. The prices of saddles range from R299 upwards and some up to R1999, nevertheless, the one you will finally choose will be determined by your budget at hand.

Many ask the question, Does the price determine the quality of the product? Well admittedly, you might be coughing up a bit more for branded saddles but to be on the safe side spend that bit extra - it’s worth it.


Fit the saddle before you buy

If you think that you finally have found the perfect saddles, be sure to fit it in store before taking it home. You might think a saddle is a right fit when you are at the bike store but it is always advised to fit it before leaving with it.

Many bike stores have a variety of bike seats available and on display, do not let this confuse you to make a rushed decision. Take your time even if it means postponing your trip to another day but don’t buy a saddle for the sake of having to buy one. If you can, make mental note of the most comfortable to the least to narrow down your options and make a more informed choice.


Where to buy

To buy your bike saddle you could either visit your local bike store or purchase it online. The best way to make sure that you are purchasing the right saddle (especially if you are a first-time buyer) is to visit the actual store to get tips and advice from the store team. They will provide you with extensive knowledge and decipher some difficult terms for your understanding.

Buying online might save you a bit of money and score you some great deals but be sure to do research on the type of saddle you are looking at buying. Your best bet is to ask some of your cyclist friends for advice but you really have to be sure before going through with the purchase.


Set the saddle

Once you have done thorough research and picked the saddle you think is perfect for you, it is time to fit your new saddle on your bicycle. You will need to set the correct height, be sure that it is not too low or too high.

Furthermore, take into account the position the saddle is in. The saddle should be at a horizontal position. The nose of the saddle shouldn’t be too low or too high, this can cause back and neck pain.  If you are unable to set the saddle on your bike you can get a professional at your local bike store to assist and adjust the bike for you.

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