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Top tips on how to vet a non-profit before donating

non-profit organisationnon-profit organisation
non-profit organisationnon-profit organisation


Top tips on how to vet a non-profit before donating

When looking to donate to a non-profit organisation, it’s important that you search around for the right one. Finding the right organisation will prevent you from being involved with fraudulent organisations or funding a cause that doesn’t resonate with you.

An organisation which appeals to you will tick all your boxes, and share the same or similar moral views. For instance, if you’re interested in helping raise funds for emergencies, it would be more suitable to look for a non-profit designed to assist during an emergency response.

When looking for an organisation to donate to, be vigilant and ensure you’re supporting a trusted charity. During your search, you might find that there are non-profit organisations which are poorly managed. It would be best to avoid those if you want to see your donations make a difference. Always keep in mind that you’re spending your time and money; therefore, it’s vital that you find the right one.

Below are ways that you can assess the right non-profit:


Do your research about the organisation

The first thing you need to do when donating money is to do your research and look at their online presence. Nowadays, businesses and organisations have an active digital presence, making it easier for you to find valuable information while doing your research.

Having an online presence is very beneficial, not only for those who are looking to donate but for the organisation itself. A strong digital footprint will give you an idea of what they are doing, how they are being supported, and which method of donations they prefer. For example, an effective way to make donations to help with emergencies would be through monetary contributions. Money can go a long way when saving lives during a crisis.


Take note of their transparency

Transparency is vital, and it’s one of the ways for you to vet a non-profit. It is concerning and should raise warning signs if an organisation is being vague about their contributions to a man-made or natural disaster.

To find out more, look out for stories that are on their website and social media accounts. A trusted and reputable organisation will show the public the work they have accomplished. This isn’t just for advertising or getting money from people. Instead, this shows people what they are doing and how they have helped raise money for people affected by disasters.


Contact the organisation

If you’re unsure about anything or have questions, call the organisation and speak to someone who can give you the answers you’re looking for. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have spoken to the people in charge, especially if they have been helpful. Fundraising for emergencies requires your hard-earned money. So it’s crucial that you are certain before donating. If an organisation doesn’t have any contact details on their site, that should be a warning, and it would be best to avoid the organisation. 


How long the charity has been operating for

Another effective way of finding the right non-profit is looking at how long the organisation has been around. Although this does not mean that new organisations are not credible operations. There are organisations which have been around for years but don’t do things accordingly. The same applies to new charitable organisations. The only reason why this is a factor is that it gives you some information to work with when choosing an organisation.

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools, and it is guaranteed to make an organisation credible. This is helpful for you, as you will have an idea of which organisations are credible, helping to shorten your search.


Trust your instincts

Lastly, always trust your instincts. Many times our senses can tell us whether something is right or not, and in some cases, we choose not to listen. However, with your hard-earned money or goods, you would want to know that these donations are reaching those in need.

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