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A guide to shopping your heart out in Johannesburg

Johannesburg - ShoppingJohannesburg - Shopping
Johannesburg - ShoppingJohannesburg - Shopping


A guide to shopping your heart out in Johannesburg

For shoppers, Johannesburg is like the ‘all you can eat’ buffet for foodies. Filled with both designer wear and local attire, you are guaranteed to shop till you drop. Although there are many things to do in Johannesburg, shopping is a truly worthwhile experience.

Whether you’re flying to Johannesburg for work or vacation, you need to go on a shopping spree and treat yourself. When shopping in Johannesburg, you can easily find high-end boutiques, from international and local designers. And, if you’re in search of local and traditional attire, you can find a few flea markets filled with all the items you’re looking for.

If you are visiting Johannesburg for the first time, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the City of Gold. To find your way in the largest city in South Africa, read the guide below on which shopping malls you need to visit.


Sandton City

Santon is an affluent city in Johannesburg with one of the best malls in the city. The mall has over 300 stores to suit all your fashion needs. Here, you can find both international and local shops, so you won’t have to worry about going to more than one mall. You can also try out a vast range of restaurants as Sandton City mall offers both fancy and fast-food restaurants.

You can spend your entire day at the mall and leave with everything you needed...and more. The trading hours are also convenient as the mall opens from 9 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and public holidays, their trading hours are from 9 am to 6 pm.



Fourways is one of the fast-developing commercial and residential hubs in Northern Johannesburg. You can find many hidden gems at Fourways, from clothing to home furniture; they truly have everything you need. This shopping centre is perfect if you want to step away from the glitz and glam of Sandton and explore a new suburb for the day.


44 Stanley

If you’re looking for a relaxed setting, then 44 Stanley is a fitting spot for you and your loved ones. The place is cosy, and although it only has a few stores, they have everything a person can need when shopping. They have clothing boutiques, restaurants, and it is situated in an area with a country yard, fountain and olive trees. Many people come to 44 Stanley when they’re interested in a quiet shopping day, or for lunch or breakfast.


Rosebank Mall

This four-storey shopping mall boasts chic stores that offer every shopper who walks in, the variety they need. From men’s to women’s clothing, coffee shops, cinemas, markets and more, Rosebank Mall isn’t only for shopping; it is a perfect place for you to unwind.

Here, you can enjoy a filling meal, a movie or two, or simply do a few shopping errands on your own time. Rosebank Mall also has it’s own Gautrain stop, so if travelling on a Gautrain was on your bucket list, then Rosebank Mall lets you hit two birds with one stone.


Mapanyo Mall

If you’re looking to get the full Johannesburg feeling, then you need to go to Mapanyo Mall. Mapanyo Mall is a first-class mall situated in Soweto. This mall was built to make it easier for the people in the townships, so that they didn’t have to struggle or drive out to malls far from home, to do simple errands. The mall is considerably small in comparison to Santon City, as it only has 170 shops. But the mall does; however, cater to your needs with flagship stores, local and international designers.


Neighbourgoods Market

For Cape Townians travelling to Johannesburg and looking for a small piece of home, the Neighbourgoods Market is the place to go. The vintage Neighbourgoods Market originates from Cape Town and is now open in Braamfontein, or commonly knows as Braam, on Saturdays. The red-bricked warehouse has a few secret treasures that sell local goods from furniture to jewellery and ceramics. The warehouse also has a few food stores, so you won’t have to worry about being hungry while you’re enjoying your shopping spree.


Final thoughts

Johannesburg is truly the City of Gold; from the city bustling with creativity to the people, and the amazing places to shop. This is truly a destination everyone needs to go to at least once in their lives. Apart from shopping, you can visit the Johannesburg Zoo, art galleries, heritage sites like the apartheid museum, the James Hall Museum of Transport, hiking trails and the iconic Gold Reef City. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as the city is very spread out, and walking around in uncomfortable shoes can make the whole experience less enjoyable.


Johannesburg - Shopping