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Revamp your school's playground with these equipment tips

school's playgroundschool's playground
school's playgroundschool's playground


Revamp your school's playground with these equipment tips

Having a well-equipped playground contributes to the growth of young children.

It offers kids the opportunity to explore and find themselves, and it encourages children to play outside, promotes physical health, develops social skills, creativity, and supports mental health. Yet, for children to reap these benefits, they need to have playground equipment that helps promotes these benefits.

But, revamping your school’s playground isn’t a simple task. It takes careful planning, and it’s about listening to the needs of the kids in your school.

So, read this article to ensure you offer the children at your school the playground they deserve.


Find out what the safety guidelines are

Your first step is finding out what guidelines are there for schools wanting to revamp their playgrounds. Knowing what guidelines are in place will ensure you abide by the rules and regulations of the country and province you’re in. Because the last thing a school needs is to get a hefty fine because no one read the stipulated laws.


Conduct a playground inspection

Once you know what the safety guidelines are, you need to conduct a playground inspection and evaluation. This step happens before finalising what equipment the school needs.

When doing the assessment, here are a couple of things you need to consider:

  • How big is your playground, and what will the improved layout of the playground be?
  • How many children attend your school?
  • How many will be utilising the playground, and at what time will most kids use it?
  • How old are the children?
  • Are there child-friendly programs put in place for kids who have disabilities?

Once completed, you can decide on which equipment you will need for your school. And, while you’re busy with audits, take a look at your existing equipment. This will help you get a clear picture of where replacements and repairs are required.

And, find out from the children or teachers at your school what the kids are usually getting up to during playtime. Whether they’re complaining about the equipment, or what they would like to see once the renovations begin. Asking the important questions will help you get an idea of what the children at your school enjoy. For example: what equipment they don’t use during recess and what equipment they would love to have added. Since you are creating a playground for children, their enjoyment and fulfilment need to be a top priority.


Create a remodelling budget

Once you’ve conducted your audit, and have an idea of the changes, you can start determining what the budget will be. When budgeting, make a list of what equipment needs to be repaired, replaced, and any extra equipment. Calculate and know the exact amount as this will help you create a realistic budget that will cover all expenses, including labour.

If the cost of everything exceeds your budget, you can always split the costs of remodelling and have them done in two timeframes. But, you’ll need to know what you’re doing now and what will have to wait for when you receive additional funds.


Find the right equipment for your school

Now that you have the budget and audit complete, you can decide on what equipment you're adding. For example, you can install a kids jungle gym. There are many jungle gym ideas; you can either use treated timber products or steel. The type of jungle gym you will add is dependent on your preference and what you want for your school.

And, the advantage of having a jungle gyms is that it is beneficial for the development of children. It helps children learn how to socialise with other kids, helps with physical development, a great form of exercise, and they can help children overcome their fears. Depending on how spacious your schools outside layout is, you can install more equipment like swings and seesaws.

But, if you’re on a budget, try and choose equipment that has a multipurpose. This will at least still offer the children a variety, without breaking the bank. Remember to keep in mind that this needs to be a playground all kids should love and want to come to every day, so make it inclusive.


Final thoughts

Finding the right equipment for children isn’t straightforward. But, there is nothing better than seeing the kids in your school having the time of their lives each and every single day. So, make sure you put yourself in the children's shoes and give them what they want. And, ask for input from teachers and parents, as they will be more than happy to help, with your plan for the children.

school's playground