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Five modern landscape trends for 2020 you need to follow

landscape trends - 2020landscape trends - 2020
landscape trends - 2020landscape trends - 2020


Five modern landscape trends for 2020 you need to follow

For trend watchers, one of the most exciting things about the new year; is all the latest trends we are yet to see. And, as an avid landscaper, you must be excited that the wait is finally over. The National Association of Landscape Professionals, located in Virginia, has finally concluded the trends of the year.

They have predicted the top styles, colours and more. But, what's striking about this season's trend is that it mainly focuses on you. For years, trends have mainly concentrated on the personal style of different individuals, or what professionals deem as trendy. But now, they understand that what's trendy is what homeowners want and find interesting.

According to the spokesperson of The National Association of Landscape Professionals, people are interested in finding exterior designs that match the interior of a house. This is a breath of fresh air, as every homeowner has the chance to decorate the way they truly want to. But, even if it is about you, you still need to stay tuned in and find out what trends they’re talking about.


Contemporary and transitional

Finally, homeowners can showcase their fabulous style with contemporary and transitional designs. And, don’t let the sleek, simple and polished look fool you, as it can look just as good outside as it does inside your home. Contemporary and transitional landscaping is ideal for those who wish to revamp their outdoor kitchen area, fireplace, water fountain, or landscape plans which have incorporated sculptured designs to give the area a modern flair.

The use of neutral colours like grey, black and white can help to make your outdoor area eye-catching. This is the kind of look you go for if you want your outside area to have a subtle but glamorous look to it. The main benefit of this style is that contemporary doesn’t go out of style, so you won’t have to worry about having to renovate your garden.

Unless of course, you’re interested in changing it.

Another way to incorporate this trend is by using native plants. Native plants are incredible for the outdoors, and the main reason for this is that they can survive in different climates. If you're someone who wants to enjoy their outside area throughout the year, you need to get heat lamps. Heat lamps will allow you to entertain outside, even during colder seasons.


Ornate and geometric hardscaping

This is another favourite among interior designers. If you’re interested in patterns like waves, chevron and lattice, then you can add them into your current design. Even tiles that traditionally were for the bathroom are being used outside, and we are not complaining.  Porcelain tiles can be added by the driveway, patio and on retaining walls, which will help to brighten up the look of your plants.


Go blue!

Well, there are many reasons why a garden needs a touch of blue. Blue is a varied colour and a favourite for many interior designers. This is because the colour helps people to feel at peace, and feel calm. But, just like all the other trends, blue was mainly used inside; however, now it can be utilised outside as well. And blue works really well with wood.

So, if you have wooden fencing, or were considering getting wooden decking installed, then blue will complement your design. If you want to add more finesse to your garden, you can build a small garden bridge as it will add a cool aesthetic to it. If you have someone who can build, then all you need to do is call a decking supplier for the wood.


Embrace your own style

As you have gathered, 2020 is about embracing your own style. So, whatever you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time for it. Whether it is growing your own herbs, fruit or vegetables, then you should do it. This trend should have happened a while ago because this is your home, and you should be able to style it the way you desire. A style that will make you fall in love with coming home every day. So, whatever idea you have been keeping in your head, do it now.


Going digital with irrigation

Digitalisation is everywhere! Even in exterior design, as homeowners can now rely on remote irrigation. Remote irrigation can water your plants with just a click, which can either be done through WIFI, Bluetooth or your phone app. But, digitalisation doesn’t only offer simplicity, but it is an effective way of conserving water and saving money. This you can program the app, making it water your plants as necessary. This helps save water and money as you won’t be overwatering them.


Final thoughts

The trends for 2020 are here to make history. And, that’s because it's mainly focusing on you, which should have been at the forefront of any trend a long time ago. But, now that it’s finally here. Enjoy it and remember to revamp your home the way you want it to be. And, incorporate this in everything you do, because you know exactly what you want.

landscape trends - 2020