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Johannesburg- Life Beat Of South Africa

Johannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South Africa
Johannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South Africa

Johannesburg- Life Beat Of South Africa

Johannesburg is the life beat of Africa. Being not only the largest city of Africa, It’s considered to be the economic and cultural hub of South Africa. The rules of life in Johannesburg, which is more often called as ‘Jozi’ are very simple. You got to work first and play second, but both would be done in the same passion and excitement. Johannesburg is famous for a lot of interesting things including the dancing rituals and night scenes alive in Johannesburg. The party time would be like a whole new experience for you here.

Being mainly the potent commercial center of African content, Johannesburg is more famous for the reserves, services and manufacturing industries. Mining was once important in the city’s economy but has gradually declined to give way for more constructive business endeavors in the city. The development of the business sectors has been on the high rise since decades and you can see hordes of business projects coming to the city of Johannesburg for expansion. All this upbeat has greatly boosted up the economy of Johannesburg.Despite being such a big metropolitan city, Johannesburg also is a city well known for its quality education. This beautiful city has a varied number of accredited universities that are providing for the education of young minds forgetting all the cultural variations. There is a whole different aura of education opportunities in Johannesburg. It has a very well acclaimed film school as well that has won a number if awards for its services in the industry you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to such a lively city.

City’s skyscrapers in the central Business district determine the skyline of Johannesburg. These skyscrapers are the tallest buildings in Africa. These buildings house world’s international corporate. Johannesburg is also the greenest city in the world owing to the constant efforts to plant trees, built parks and gardens all over the city. There are about 60 million trees in the urban city. From pavements to roads, sidewalks and private gardens we see lots of trees. Botanical gardens and recreational parks are in abundance in Johannesburg.
Johannesburg has a vast culture. We see lots of galleries, museums and cultural events taking place in the city. The museums are built on specific fields like medicine, Fashion and military to commemorate events taken place in the history of Johannesburg.

Johannesburg art gallery houses collection of art pieces from previous centuries. Public art is also displayed in galleries ranging from sculptures and murals to paintings on different subjects. The art scene is alive and vivid in Johannesburg. People are tasteful art lovers and critics. There is a huge market for good art pieces in Johannesburg.
In sports, like any other field, Johannesburg has a vast interest. FootballFree Articles, cricket and rugby are the most favorites in Johannesburg. There are several football clubs in the city playing against each other as fierce competitors. Johannesburg was the world cup ground in 2003 cricket world cup. Rugby competitions are held in the city against international teams. 

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Johannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South AfricaJohannesburg - South Africa