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Packing like a pro for your overseas trip

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Packing like a pro for your overseas trip

So you’re leaving the country on an epic overseas adventure. You should feel excited and like the luckiest person ever. But have you started packing? Have you even considered how you’re going to pack? Where to start, what to take? Is your suitcase suitable or should you be investing in some new luggage? Also, where you go determines how you pack. A ski-trip in Austria requires far more preparation as opposed to an island retreat.

Make sure your luggage will work for you and where you plan on travelling to

Are you packing flimsy bikinis, shorts and beach towels or are you packing winter boots and coats? This makes a difference as to whether you decide on a fancy hard body wheelie case or a softer plush holdall type of rucksack. Your fancy winter coat will not fare well in the holdall. In other words, consider the luggage you have and if it’s time to upgrade – then do so carefully and to suit your specific needs. Also, consider using bags and suitcases that can be locked and will protect and secure your clothing and valuables.

Keep your new outfits clean and fresh and ready-to-wear

Most people enjoy buying some new fresh items of clothing and new shoes before they head off on vacation. So, when packing your new things, take care to lay them neatly. Don’t scrunch things up and stuff them into small spaces. Rather, lay your shoes down first, place rolled up belts and jewellry containers in the open spaces and then begin laying your clothes flat. If your luggage is softer and not hard and structured then roll your clothing rather. This prevents terrible creasing. Also, if you not sure how to pack your jewellery then head to your local hardware store for nails and screws compartmentalised boxes as an easy alternative to fancy jewellery travel pouches.

Get the smell of vacation wafting all around

To make sure that your clothes stay fresh and smelling less like airport and more like lemongrass make sure to add a scented bag into your luggage. In this way your clothes and bags smell fresh and beautiful. While this is not a completely necessary inclusion, just do it because you won’t be sorry. Arriving at your holiday destination and pulling out your new outfit in which to go exploring or have some dinner and have it smelling like a dream is the best way to kickstart your adventure. 

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