Zululand Outback Tour

Zululand Outback Tour

Zululand Outback Tour

If you are looking for a real and complete cultural and Zululand experience, this is it. The complete Zulu experience. Spend three days in real Zululand on a tour that touches the nerve of Africa, and discover something way off the beaten track.

Here you are as far as you have ever been from life as you know it, experiencing Zulu cultural life as it is today and scenic beauty that you could previously only imagine.

·        Rural Zulu Cultural life

·        Zulu Village and Marketplace

·        Real Zulu Ceremony (Only weekends)

·        Visit Sangomas / Attend a Sangoma Healing Ceremony

·        Mission station & Missionaries

·        Upliftment Projects – KwaMondi School / King Dinuzulu Creche /

·        Tugela Valley and Mbongolwane Wetland

·        Dlinza Forest Aerial Boardwalk

·        Rural Agriculture. Commercial farming initiatives for Zulu people.

·        Potters and/or Beaders at work & Vegetable / Medicinal plant growing projects

·        Fort Nongqayi Zululand Historical Museum / Vukani Craft  Collection:  Baskets ,Beads, Claypots and other artwork. Papermaking Project  with cane leaves

·        John Dunn : The first ‘White Nkosi’

·        Martyr’s Cross : First Zulu martyr.

·        From Ancestral worship to present day Christianity.

·        Sleepover in Zulu Village for one night is optional at no extra cost

Provide your own transport and liquid refreshments. It is possible  that some  ceremonies will not be taking place. We will arrange alternative experiences. All tours are based at Sugar Hill Manor Guesthouse and accommodation is provided there for two nights. Tour starts at 10 am on Friday and finishes Sunday after a light lunch.

Contact person. Graham Chennells of Zululand Eco-Adventures in Eshowe. KZN.  Cell: 060 665 8833. Email: info@eshowe.com

Zululand Outback Tour
Dates: To be announced
Phone: +27 (0) 60 665 8833
Venue: Monthly Zululand Outback Tours - Eshowe, KZN
E-mail: info@eshowe.com