Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival to take place on MARCH.

Are you ready for an all-new Carnival Experience?

On 19 March 2022, a burst of colour, art, song, and music will have you celebrating once more. COVID safety will be top of mind, as we showcase the incredible creativity of our people.

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 Since its founding in 2010, the Cape Town Carnival has built up a following locally and abroad. In March last year, the annual event attracted 51 000 people, with people coming from all walks of life, areas and communities. The free-to-watch public spectacle is preceded by a year-round community-driven performance-group programme rolled out across the Cape metropole. The organisation is also home to a workshop of marvels in Maitland, where float-building, metalwork, costume design, pattern-making, and garment manufacturing take place for the event.

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Cape Town Carnival
Dates: To be announced
Phone: 021 406 3584
Venue: Green Point’s famous Fan Walk