Jaffer Modern

Jaffer Modern

“The theme refers to the deep human need to congregate and the desire to commune. It is about our diversity, cultures and common humanity,” says Shafina.

Held from December 2020 to end Feb 2021, this introductory exhibition will showcase portraits representing the many faces of Africa and facets of human interaction.

Jaffer Modern has confirmed over 40 artists’ work for the landmark opening show.

Gathering will be curated by Margie Murgatroyd, the founder of famed gallery-style boutique Africa Nova and regular guest curator of art exhibitions at the Casa Labia Cultural Centre in Muizenberg, Cape Town. “I have always promoted art from Africa,” she says. “This first exhibition aims to showcase a diverse outpouring of creativity from the continent.”

Image:  Artist - Sibosiso Duma.

Jaffer Modern
Start Date: 18 December, 2020
End Date: 28 February, 2021
Venue: Jaffer Modern
E-mail: enquiries@vibcapetown.com