The Nyanza region of Kenya incorporates Kisumu.

Nyanza includes part of the eastern edge of Lake Victoria and is inhabited predominantly by the Luo. Nyanza is a Bantu word for 'large mass of water'. 

The production of cotton combined with coffee and tea production in the northeast brings the money into this region.  Small amounts of copper and gold are mined in the southwest. 

Accommodation in Nyanza

There are various accommodation options available in this area for visitors.  There are hotels, lodges and self-catering units, as well as bed and breakfasts.  Please view our accommodation directory for more information on places to stay.

Businesses in Nyanza

The business community of Nyanza is small with local products, shops, stalls and good local restaurants to choose from.

Please go to our business directory for a list of businesses in the province, or add your own free business listing.

There are various activities and attractions in Nyanza.  Some of which include:-

  • Dunga Village - has the best views of the lake with its hippo and plentiful bird life
  • Kisumu Museum - includes a display of some of Kenya's most poisonous snakes
  • Town Market - sells anything from clothes to food to furniture
  • Jamia Mosque - also runs a Muslim school

Please see our activities directory for a complete list of things to do in the area.