Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

General Information

Lake Malawi‚Äč, also known as Lake Nyasa, is a sparkling shimmering mass of water placed between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania in Africa.  Lake Malawi is the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa.  The largest section of the lake sits in Malawi.

The lake is in the Great Valley Rift, a natural fault line which is the origin of the lake.  It is a critical resource for the people of Malawi and surrounding countries for food, drinking water, irrigation and hydroelectricity.  

The lake has a reputation of having the most species of fish than any other freshwater lake, with Chichlids, Catfish and Chambo.  It provides an income and food source for most of its shore-inhabitants.

The lake's transport system is provided by steamboats or motor ships between the villages on the shores.  Crocodiles, hippo's, monkeys and a great number of fish eagles are found to populate the areas around the lake.

Accommodation around Lake Malawi

There are many lodges, camp sites and guest houses scattered on the shores.  Some areas are more popular than others for example the stretch between Mangochi and Monkey Bay.  Cape Maclear and the Lake Malawi National Park holds quite a number of high quality accommodation for tourists.  Please see the accommodation directory for more information.

Activities around Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi, being the main attraction for local and international tourists due to its beautiful and exotic beaches and islands, provide endless recreational activities.  Resorts on the shores of the lake offer snorkelling, diving, boat riding, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and much more.  Bird watching is a fascinating past time in this area.

Please see the activities directory for more information on what is on offer in and around the lake.

There are a wide selection of restaurants to choose from and sample the local flavour.  Please see the business directory for information of the businesses in the area.