General Information

The Zambezia Province is the second largest most densely populated province in Mozambique. Quelimane town is the capital of the province. 

The coast consists mostly of mangrove swamps, with forest inland.

Shrimp is mostly fished in this province, while gemstones are mined at several sites.

Accommodation in the Zambezia Province

There are quite a few different accommodation options available in this province, ranging from Hotels, to lodges to self-catering houses.  Please view the accommodation directory for more information.

Businesses in the Zambezia Province

The business community of the Zambezia Province is doing well. You will find local products, shops, stalls and restaurants.

Please go to our business directory for a list of businesses in the province, or add your own free business listing.

There are various activities and attractions in this province:

  • Fishing
  • Cathedral