Geography and history

The Caprivi Province is situated in the north eastern parts of Namibia. It has a total population of approximately 91 000 inhabitants. The name of this province was derived from the Caprivi Strip which was named after Leo von Caprivi. The capital town of this province is Katima Mulilo and it borders on three other countries – Angola, Botswana and Zambia.

The capital town of Katima Mulilo, also referred to as just “Katima”, is located on the B8 national road. The name of this town means “quenches the fire” which refers to the nearby roaring waters of the Zambezi River.


Although a relatively small province, Caprivi offers many cosy accommodation options for tourists i the area. There are guest houses, camping sites, lodges, hotels and bed and breakfasts available. Please view our accommodation directory for more information on places to stay in the area.


The business community of the Caprivi Province is doing very well thanks to its tourism industry and nearby tourist attractions. You will find many local products, shops, stalls and great restaurants in the area to choose from. Please go to our business directory for a list of all the businesses in the region. The activities and attractions in the area are all of an outdoors nature. Please see our activities directory for a complete list of things to do in the area.