Geography and history

Shiselweni is a province located in the country of Swaziland. It is situated in the southern parts of the country and has a total population of approximately 220 000 residents. This province borders the Lubombo and Manzini Provinces and its capital town, Nhlangano, also serves as its administrative centre.

The capital town of Nhlangano was first named Goedgegun. Its current name means “meeting place” because it commemorates the meeting which took place between King Sobhuza II and King George VI of Great Britain. The Great Usutu River and Usutu Forest can be found near this town. The Grand Valley, located near Nhlangano, is a must-see for all tourists visiting the area because it showcases the beautiful surroundings of the area.


The Shiselweni Province has a wonderful selection of cosy affordable accommodation options for those who would like to stay over. Tourists will find self-catering units, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, hotels and camping sites in the area. Please visit our accommodation directory for a complete list of places to stay in the area.


Businesses in the Shiselweni Province are doing very well. Tourists have a choice between many stalls, shops, local products, souvenirs and fine restaurants in the area. Please see our business directory for more information on all the businesses in the region. The beautiful and natural surroundings of the area make for many outdoor activities and attractions for everyone to enjoy. Please view our activities directory if you would like a list of all the things to do in the area.