The Coastal region of Kenya incorporates Kilifi, Kongowea Junction, MalindiMombasaMtwapaVoi and Watamu.

The humid coast has seemingly endless stretches of white sandy beaches alongside the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.  Kenya is mostly regarded as a Safari destination, however the coast provides excellent world-class beaches.

Fishing and subsistence farming is the main drive for the rural economy, whilst the tourism industry from the beach resorts boosts the country's economy.  

Accommodation on the Coast

There are many accommodation options available in this area for visitors.  There are hotels, lodges and self-catering units, as well as bed and breakfasts.  Please view our accommodation directory for more information on places to stay.

Businesses on the Coast

The business community of the Coast area is doing very well thanks to its tourism industry and tourist attractions. You will find many local products, shops, stalls and great local restaurants to choose from.

Please go to our business directory for a list of businesses in the province, or add your own free business listing.

There are various activities and attractions in the coastal region.  Some of which include:-

  • The resorts offer entertainment, snorkelling and diving 
  • Krapf Memorial
  • Fishing
  • Bombolulu Cultural Centre
  • Anglican Cathedral – Oldest cathedral in Mombasa
  • Jain Temple
  • Local markets
  • Shri Swaminarayan Temple
  • Mbaraki Pillar – a 7m tall pillar tomb
  • Mombasa Marine Reserve – good for water-sports
  • Taita Hills
  • Bird watching
  • Tsavo National Parks
  • Snorkelling
  • Diving with the reef fish
  • Bio-Ken Snake Farm - has a vast collection of snakes including some of the regions most venomous such as cobra's and vipers - the farm offers talks and tours
  • Mida Creek - known for its variety of bird life
  • Swimming
  • Watamu Marine National Reserve

Please see our activities directory for a complete list of things to do in the area.